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Angry Re: Stupid driver !!!!

You don't give us the situation before the events you describe- still you have my sympathy-

because if I had a dollar for every time some idiot passes me (on a pedal bike even!), and then immediately turns right in front of me--- I'd send you the repair money!

This is one of the most common car/bike encounters, and personally I believe there IS QUITE OFTEN a degree of malicious intent on the part of the drivers-

They REALIZE that if they stay behind you to the corner they want to turn at, they will be inconvenienced by maybe ONE or TWO precious seconds! Maybe in an extreme case 5 whole seconds!

So with an attitude of contempt ALREADY in their minds, they choose to pass us just knowing they will be turning in front of us anyway- and it really stinks!

Although I don't live there I read the San Francisco paper daily online, and in San Francisco a bicyclist is run over REGULARLY- about once every TWO OR THREE MONTHS-


and the most FREQUENT scenario is that some vehicle has turned right in front of the rider

then this huge CYBER-MOB of chatboard extremists generally gets on below the article and slamming the cyclists and talking about how the cyclists are always ignoring the rules-

and generally it's this same very situation- and quite often has a lot of malicious intent on the drivers part.

I'm transgendered and being in the same area on a motorized bike a lot- I get a lot of really hostile manuvering out of some motorists- the usual being turning in front of me from the other direction, or just crossing my path from another street and often taking great pangs to try to linger there long enough to be in my way.

But what can you do? People are frustrated morons- especially at the more and more EXPENSIVE motoring scene all the time.

But do they take it out on the Insurance Companies who bleed them dry?

Do they take it out on the oil companies who sell them gas guzzlers that take back all their paycheck?

NO- they take it out on who they can take it out on without drawing the fire of their own peers. They take it out on bike riders and motorized bikes.

I don't have a lot of years left where I'll be able to be out there, but I WON'T let this pathetic national raging mindset run me off the roads.

Good luck in Austrailia, but I'll bet the problems are getting worse faster here,

the "oil mecca" the corporate world is dancing to at the moment.

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