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Default Re: Stupid driver !!!!

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
I'm glad you weren't hurt badly.

It sounds like you might have been the one at fault though. You didn't allow enough room to stop in case she did something stupid. She was in front of you? Why were you following her so close?

You have to ride like you expect everyone on the road is out to get you. I'm pretty sure now you'll become a better rider though. Experience is a biache.
Upon reflection I somewhat agree , I don't consider it my fault but believed from experience my capable braking distance was well enough to avoid such a situation ,unfortunately I didn't account for a car slamming on the skids at 20kph or her not giving the legal 1.5 m clearance , and turning in on me , she claims she was only traveling at 10 kph but my speedo registered her speed at 24 kph , where I agree is coming to the realisation that a cars braking distance at 20 odd kph is a lot less than mine on a bike , see I've done 20 years of downhill slalom Moutain bike racing where applying brakes is a must so my level of experience riding is ten to none but in this case the lesson learned is never trust what a driver will do and how little care they have for any other person-vehicle on the road , upon receiving her apparent address and details it was made clear to me all the information that was relayed to me was false , including the stolen license plates on the flashy BMW ,someone's been a very naughty girl!!!


regards Hen
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