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Default Re: Stupid driver !!!!

Thanks guys ,I'm doing ok ,sore as buggery but at least there's no broken bones, the road I was traveling has a 30kph limit and as such I claim the lane already but some if not most drivers try to reclaim it from me .

This was all in broad daylight ,I made well sure she could see me in her mirrors but she claimed I was 1 metre from her rear bumper , now there might be someone crazy enough to tailgate at 1 m but it certainly isn't me .

The police have mediated to give me details but I have since realised the name and address given are completely fake , the address given was in fact the house where this occurred and her name so happens to be different to the name she first gave me typical pffftttt

I've just returned from a LBS and the guy was able to organise the rim to be repaired but warned me the strength of the rim will be compromised so don't push the bike to hard , when I told him it's a motorised he simply laughed and said good luck ,well there goes my confidence ,he obviously saw my face drop so gave me a second hand rim instead ,identical to mine and even fitted the tyre on it

From what I can gather the driver was preoccupied with her bloody mobile phone and didn't even realise I was clearly behind her wearing a bright riding shirt that sticks out like the odd one in a crowd ,she saw that she was going to miss her turn so slammed on the skids and made the turn ,not realising I don't have the same turning or braking capabilities as her top of the line BMW thinking about it now I should have just gone **** for leather into her fender ,at least then the cops would have done something.

Don't get me wrong most car drivers are curtious towards me and even let me pass or give me a wide berth but then there's idiots like this lady that obtained their license from a box of coco pops and have no clue about road safety let alone how to actually drive.

Again thanks for the kind words gentlemen

Regards Henshooter
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