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Default Stupid driver !!!!

Well was just involved in my first accident all due to a driver being irresponsible and not giving me the required clearance required by law 1.5 m from the curb here in Victoria Australian .

Was cruising down a road with a car approximately 1.5 car lengths in front of me, all of a sudden she puts the breaks on heavy not having anywhere to go I slam on the skids and try to persuade the bike to the right being she hadn't given me the required 1.5 m clearance to avoid the situation only trouble with that is she then proceeds to turn the corner which means I'm headed straight for the rhs of her car so have to head for the square curb which I hit @ about 15kph get thrown off the bike and the bike stops dead on the square curb and rear rim hits hard completely tacoing the rim

Well I ended up in the curb , have busted my knee on the ground and hurt my wrist , no major injuries to me but belles rear rim is completely taco,ed ,with no funds to replace it I'm off the road for a week or two

It goes to show it's not always the cyclists fault and in fact is usually the stupidity of a untrained and under knowledgable driver , I ride with the moto I'm invisible to all cars but I guess that's just not enough and in future I will be giving myself twice as much clearance as the usual 15 foot from a cars rear

Damn near thought I was dead but luckily pulled up into the curb with coaster and front breaks full tilt .
The downside now is I'm uninsured and because there's no witnesses it's my word against hers , the police told me it's basically pointless fighting her or contacting her insurance company because they will do nothing

What more can I do than AHHHHHHH}*+%^^#^*#}^++%}%*^#}% beeeeep beeeeep beepetty beeeeep

Regards Henshooter
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