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Default Re: where can i get a motor under 200 watts??

Originally Posted by 4wdingman View Post
Well i live in australia and can not ride my old china girl anymore so need to get a pedal a ASSISTED motor under 200watts for my bike??

Any idea's would a weed wacker be under 200watts
1 Horse Power = 746 Watts

200 Watts = just over 1/4 HP

Whoever decided upon a maximum of 200 Watts must really dislike motorbikes.

I would think 1KW or 1-1/3 HP would be a more reasonable limit.

All but the tiniest hobby engines are rated for more than 1/4 HP.

You would need something like an early 1900's thumper to be in compliance, and they were too heavy to work in a bike.

I feel your pain...I don't think you're going to be able to find an engine. You'll have to go with a motor and a battery. 200 Watts should produce somewhere between 8-12 MPH

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