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Default Re: my new build shopping list!

Originally Posted by Going2Hell View Post
My only tip is that if you are going to lengthen your exhaust system with mix and match parts, research expansion chamber tuning information. There is a special relationship between the length of the exhaust pipe and expansion chamber. Also the angle of the expansion and the angle that closes at the outlet have a lot to do with the way sound waves help cycle the motor as efficiently as possible...
Good advise and all true, but if someone doesnt have the tools or the know how to build a custom expansion chamber exhaust its not gonna be very helpful, a wide open exhaust is better than a nice looling custom exhaust that is restrictive in my personal experience, the sbp expansion exhaust isn't perfect but offers a noticeable performance increase over any of the stock type set ups and is a very simple exhaust to install on most bikes, I dont use the silicone tubing myself and se. Copper fittings in their place which is a bit restrictive but still works greaton a mild engine build and performs great from low end to 30+mph ever with my 200+lb self and a 36T rear sprocket on a 26" wheel.

There are lots of options but for a novice who doesnt have a boat load of tools and access to a torch and mig or tig welder the sbp exhaust is an excellent choise.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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