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Default Re: Quick question...need advice!!!

In my experience restricting the exhaust is normally not a good thing and will hurt top end performance, although in some cases it will improve low end torque, but there is a fine line between what will help and what will hurt, the best way to know for sure ifthe smaller pipe will work in your application is to just give it a try and see what the results are, if you do slide the 7/8" pipe inside the 1" pipe I would suggest that you grind the inside of the 7/8" pipe so the exhaust doesn't hit a squared edge as itis squeezed into the 1"tube the term is shamfer which I may have spelled wrong!

Probably low to medium rpms willwork about the same but as Dan mentioned you may loose rpm potential and power in the upper rpm range, just give it a go and see what you get is howI find out what works and doesnt on all my engines.

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