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Default Re: AZ newbie

Hey Wolfy and azbill, I am down in Maricopa and am also looking to find someone to ride with. PM me if you are interested.

I can understand where both you and KC are coming from. You just want to learn on what you have available and don't want to be too invested in a bike right now. That is how I started out. A good place to learn and a lot of learning to do to. But KC does have a very good point. These engines are questionable in quality to begin with, but getting a used motor that may or may not have been abused is a big crap shoot if you even be able to get it running the way it should regardless of how much you baby it. If you start with a new quality motor you will learn how things SHOULD run, and avoid the very big possibility that you will burn yourself out working on restoring a POS that is not even worth your time. Though I had fun at first learning from questionable motors from questionable vendors, I eventually invested in a DAX motor. I know that good mechanic worked on it and that he stands behind his work. Sure I payed more for it, but honestly I, like KC, think that it's well worth the extra few bucks.
Anyway, just my 2 Cents. Good luck and welcome...
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