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Default Re: shouted at and push off the road by a man in a white van

If I am reading this correctly, you might have to register but is legal. Forgive me, I do not know if this is the municipality you live in.

Motorised scooters, mini bikes, motorised devices
Motorised scooters, mini bikes and other motorised devices

In NSW any device with a motor must be registered for use on a road or road related area unless it is specifically exempt.

Motorised foot scooters, miniature motorbikes (also known as mini bikes, pocket bikes or monkey bikes) and other motorised recreational devices do not meet minimum Australian design standards for safety and so cannot be registered. This means they must not be used on roads or in any public areas such as footpaths, car parks and parks.

There are heavy penalties for using unregistered and uninsured vehicles. Police can also seize and take possession of unregistered vehicles.

There are some retailers who sell these vehicles and fail to warn customers that they cannot be used on roads or in public areas.

The Fair Trading Amendment (Monkey Bikes) Regulation 2007 prescribes the minimum safety standard provisions for the supply of off-road monkey bikes in New South Wales. For more information about monkey bikes, go to the Office of Fair Trading website.

For more information about vehicle standards related to motorcycles, mopeds and power-assisted pedal cycles, see:

VSI 27 - Mopeds and motor-assisted pedal cycles, and
VSI 28 - Guidelines for modification to motorcycles,
available from the Vehicle standard information sheets section.


All devices with a motor that meet national design and safety standards must be registered for use on a road or road-related area unless they are specifically exempt.

Motor assisted pedal cycles with electric or petrol engines are exempt from registration, provided the maximum engine output power does not exceed 200 watts. These vehicles must have been designed as a bicycle - that is, to be propelled by human power, with the motor attached as a supplementary aid only. Riders must follow the same road rules as for pedal cycles without motors, including wearing a helmet.

Motorised wheelchairs and other types of disabled persons’ conveyances are exempt from registration and operators of these vehicles must comply with the same road rules as pedestrians. This is provided:

They are used solely for the conveyance of a person with a disability that substantially impairs the person’s mobility.
They are not capable of travelling at more than 10km/h.

Prohibited vehicles

The following vehicles (irrespective of the power output of the motor) are banned from use on roads or in public areas.

Motorised foot scooters (with or without a seat) – electric/petrol engine
Mini bikes or monkey bikes
Motorised human transporters such as the WheelMan, or SEGWAY
Motorised skateboards – electric/petrol engine


Vehicle standards information sheets

Vehicle standards information sheets for vehicle owners and operators in New South Wales.
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