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Default Re: shouted at and push off the road by a man in a white van

regardless of the legality of the ride the man shouldn't have run you off the road. If I were in your shoes, when I saw him or went by his house I"d cut the engine. pedal and coast by his place and when far enough away start her up again.

Does he also run people off their lawns when they mow, weed whack(whipper snipper), or drive by in a loud car? Sometimes people who are dealing with a sick family member need an outlet for their rage at slowly and painfully loosing their loved one, and they take it out in horribly inappropriate ways.

As far as the cops should have been concerned, the ride shouldn't have mattered, unless he placed a complaint on you regarding an illegal vehicle? At least here in the states.

His behavior is outrageous.
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