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Default Re: Slammed!

Got everything done today since it was so beautiful outside.
Started by taking the busted and flopping fenders off and repairing the rear wheel. Needed the bearings greased and adjusted, and a brake arm strap. (Again)

Also cleaned the carb and generally went over everything. Ready to roll again!

The next bike needed a flat fixed, a general tune up and an exhaust coupler repaired. I use old hand grips and zip ties. Usually lasts a year or so and is quick and easy to fix.

The last bike has an old super rat and had been sitting a LONG time. The original carb was totally corroded and the slide was seized. The rear mount tank is kinda ghetto, but seems to work fine so far. It has a weird double muffler made with two briggs style silencers and has a slightly plugged sound in my opinion. It works, but is too restrictive I think.

Swapped a new carb on and a length of fuel line, and it fired right up! Checked and adjusted everything and all three are ready for another season!
It does my heart good to see more and more of these wonderful toys around my area, and does my wallet some good as well! At least enough to help me play a bit.
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