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Default shouted at and push off the road by a man in a white van

Today I was riding down a street, a couple of streets from my house and a man walking his dog comes up to me almost pushing me of my bike yelling "get off that thing,get it off the road". So i just rode off later when I rode past his house again he was pulling out of his driveway in a white van and he stoped and started yelling at me. So i slowed down to see where he was going and he turned around and started chasing me so I just gased it and was thinking of a getaway run. I rode fullball up a road clos by and he chased up to me and pushed me onto the right side of the road and onto the grass. I had no where to go so I stop and he stop right beside me. He started yelling at me like "I have a sick wife and I dont like the noice and that he will call up the cops and report me and get them on to me".
There was a lady standing near by and heard the lot and when he was done YELLING at me I looked at her and she just waved her head.
I told this to my neighbour and he said i should ring up the cops and report him for running me of the road and chasing me as I didn't do anything to him first,and he said next time I see him I should let him have the finger. I am going to ring up the cop by I am going to drive by and get his house number and his van plates.

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