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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I pedalled the old '67 Peugeot PX10 road bike the six miles round trip to Starbucks for coffee- low 70's temps- and then finished putting a new back wheel on the old 66 build-

I wanted to pedal in my 60th birthday a month back, but the weather wasn't good, or my bio rhythms, but I'm hoping I can still get out peddaling 3 or 4 times at least a week this season- nothing long 20 -40 minutes.

You may have seen the 66 build- with 27" wheels- the back wheel has been breaking spokes lately and has had a slightly bent axle, I hoped might go the summer but I'm tired of replacing spokes-

so I put on a 700 C flip flop wheel with a 1 inch rim and bolted a 34 alloy sprock with the 6 disk brake pattern right onto the drilled smooth dsides of the alloy flange- same as my 50 build-

the 27 wheel already had a 34 alloy and rag joint so no change there- just losing the weight of the rag joint-

It LOOKS perfect- the motor chain is dead on straight and very clear of the stays- and- as always- NO tensioner! The proof will be testing tomorrow

the tire is a 35mm wide thing I'd ridden on the 50 shortly but which swayed on the sidewalls on a 3/4 " wide rim- I think the extra 1/4 " of the 1 inch rim will stop that- so I'm happy-

it was running GREAT when I had it out Friday but there went a spoke and another by the time I got back- this has gotta stop!

and I think it will with this new wheel. No more matching blue tires tho.....

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