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Default Re: How long have you ridden your motorized bicycle?

I've been a pedal bicycle rider all my life. I'm now in my mid-fifties.

Built two china girls in the spring of 2008. One lasted a bit over a year and the other just reached it's second birthday before it died. Both were failures that I could have avoided or fixed had I only known enough about them.

I then tried a Currie electric bike. It lasted a couple of years. It really wasn't bad. But it just wasn't quite good enough.

So I built another china girl. It's just about at it's second birthday now and running strong. I now understand them better and expect to get a good deal more use out of this one.

I've never run an odometer, so I don't know just how many miles I've ridden it. But I commute to work on it. Other than this winter, I've been able to ride these bikes pretty much all the time.

Just doing some very rough estimating in my head; 1400 miles/year.

I sure do hope that I don't ever become too frail for these. It would be a bleak life.
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