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Originally Posted by Laker View Post
Now that I have my Worksman Industrial News Boy bike on order what motor kit should I buy? I'm surprised to see so much contention on this issue of motor kits.We'll find a way shorter than sooner.Who's the best right now? Someone? Anyone?It wont stay a crap shoot forever trust me.
There is only one way that these engines are going to be produced with any sort of consistent quality control: Myself or another Mechanical Engineer/Entrepreneur will have to go to China and Cherry pick a factory to train. Several months will be required!

This endeavor will be predicated on the fact that said Engineer will reward the Chinese factory with a huge order for engines that cost more than thier competition.

Now let's look at U.S. consumer mentality: Price is everything! Why? because we have been trained that we can buy junk without recourse...we can buy things that we knew were too good to be true...and cry and make a stink when it doesn't work out. If I were to offer quality engines that "looked" just like the other engines...people would still buy from BGF and the other low priced distributors.

So why would anyone bother? It's a price issue and will continue to be. It is highly unlikely that the circle will be broken.

Chris Hill up in Canada reworks these engines and guarantees them for a price...if you want a good engine kit, buy one of his.

I've talked to many of the re-sellers of these engines...they don't have the slightest idea what they are offering...It's just a simple wholesale-to-retail business, nothing more.

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