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hi mike
I have been up in san Francisco for the past few days
walked the golden gate bridge the other day = it gives you a different perspective when you drive over it there were quite a few bullet holes and richocet dings from bullets in the upright posts and waist high railings== also noted several call stations with signs which read if you jump it will result in a fatal and tragic event use the call box for help--it is a big distance to the water I imagine you would splat
thinking about ridley scots brother who jumped off the terminal island bridge in san pedro when he learned of his advanced terminal illness
what a way to go =I wonder what one would think about on the way down????
i visited a number of the motorcycle shops up here for something to do- lots of pretty machines with prices starting around 10k aprilla august triumph and ktm they had some electric zeros but the sales guy said they are still very limited in range and dependent upon traffic conditions which can present some problems depending upon ones commute

double featured it at the movies this evening first American Hustle and then the new 300 movie
both different but quite good in their own genres -I had not been in a movie theater for about a year man they really bombard you with advertising =being a captive audience you can not change the channel

been cutting tubing on la but not very focused/busy with welding or getting it welded up I did open a few of the Honda gx 160s in preparation for pulling governors etc. first time for that maybe one or two destined for a few dyno frames at some time in the future

oh yeah I visited treatland they are here in san fran -- mopeds 1977 seems to have disappeared
treatland guy was cool ==several guys were very busy packing goodie boxes and getting them ready for fedex and ups==A friend in Belgium sends them pallets of engines and wheels on a regular basis so we talked about that a bit also some of the motorcycle trade shows== a big one in Milan Italy that he goes to

we travel to Belgium in a few weeks so I have had to take care of other things besides the motorbicycling activity

I am following your build and the battery things

I am sure in a few quick years there will very potent batteries the size of a large soda bottle that will last all day with plenty of miles and recharge in a short time as well
stay safe

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