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Default Re: The Combo clutch lever and brake

There is a tiny pawl inside the shifter section that you remove to make it swing full travel. How you remove it depends on which combo you have. Take the top plastic cover off to expose the shifter mechanism and it should be apparent what to remove. Usually there are two tiny levers on posts that ratchet as the lever swings, then holds the cable as the lever returns for another bite(gear), then swings back to grab another gear, in a two step movement.You want it to swing back and forth freely just one stroke with no catch between gears. This gives you one unrestricted pull (1st to 2nd) with no return stop. I do not know of any way to get full 1st to 3rd travel in one stroke. It will not work on certain brands depending on internal construction. Be sure to remove ONLY the pawl that holds it for a second swing of the lever or the lever will swing without pulling on the cable. The pawls are usually held by to the posts by tiny circlips, springs, or sometimes the post unscrews for removal.
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