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Default How long have you ridden your motorized bicycle?

We just had one of the first nice days of the year here in Virginia Beach and I pulled out my motor bike for the season.

2 years ago, I took my worn out specialized mountain bike and made it a motorbike with a 66cc motor and a sick bike parts shift kit. I have done alot of tuning and adjusting, but I still love riding my bike. I've gotten it to top out at 37 mph which is 2 mph more than I can legally do here anyway. The only problem I have with it now is an occasional rear wheel chain derailure on start up, usually when I am trying to kick it like a motorcycle and not pedal start it.

Is there anyone out there who has ridden one of these things for an appreciable amount of time? It seems like the majority of people tinker with these bikes for a bit and move on.
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