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Originally Posted by milegajo View Post
Can't get the schwinn jaguar in the UK. How much of problem is it going to be to fit to other cruisers. Would have thought they're all very similar...
They do appear very similar...maybe I worry too much...I've been doing this for a long time, (mechanical design work), and if everything isn't checked and taken into account there will usually be problems.

When offering a product to the U.S. public I have to make sure it's as advertised. If I say "well I think it will work" and it doesn't, people will get irritated, cobble my kit in an effort to make it work, and the end result will be that no party is happy. I will refund a kit that is totally ruined and can't be re-sold. This kit will absolutely alleviate the problems that are common to the installation of a Chinese In-frame engine kit for a specific bike, (Initially).

I will not say that this kit will work on any other bike until I have installed it myself. Hopefully the bike list will grow! I am going to incorporate some adjustability into this kit...I will only go as far as I can without altering the design intent...otherwise I will end-up with a universal, perfect for no bike kit...and we'll be right back to square one.

I have to do this from an engineering stand-point...there are lot of things to consider and I have not been involved with engine powered bikes long enough to know everything about the differences in a certain frame style. I have to discover it for myself, unless anyone has frame blueprints that are toleranced. Not likely!

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