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Smile Re: NEW... a journey recounted in paragraphs!


When i was a kid I used to tear down bicycles on a daily basis, farm town life I guess! Now I'm 30 and the skills seemed to have escaped me over 17 years. Before powder-coating and all of that finish crap, I built it as a rideable prototype and tested 200 miles on it. This let me know that arrangement works and my clearances are there. This also let me know what little bits I need to modify and how to set it up in general. Testing done, break down the prototype, send parts to powder coat and get them back... $100 bucks (not including the fork, but that's in the next paragraph). A 40% satin black finish, it's industry standard! If your coater is nice too, he'll just throw it in with someone elses batch for a hefty discount. He was nice enough to plug the holes and threaded bits, I live in Colorado and somehow I forgot! With detail sanding rough edges around the neck and crank where the bearing races go it was finished with paint and ready for final assembly.

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