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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
While I like the idea of warm forced air ventilation to help the paint cure, won't the Maytag provide linty air?

No. The dryer blower usually draws air from the drum and blows it outside. The air passes over the heating element, goes through the drum and clothes, then through the blower and out the vent to the outside.

Now it's drawing air from my paint booth and blowing it out the vent. The drum is removed and the heater is not involved. I was going to use an electric leaf blower and exhaust the air out the dryer vent. But that leaf blower is very loud. About 6 months ago I did some maintenance on the dryer and learned that it is very easy (about 10 minutes) to take off the front and pull the drum. So that seemed to be a better ventilation solution.It seems to be providing just about the right amount of suction to get rid of the fumes and overspray.

After the paint is good and dry to the touch - couple hours - I use a little ceramic space heater to help cure faster/better.
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