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Default just completed my first build

HI my names George, im from Calgary Alberta and I just completed my first build . its an all aluminum bike I received as a gift doing flood cleanup. the motor is a china 80cc. (all the box said was black 80cc) It took me two full days in the shop tinkering to work through the issues. the first issue was mounting the engine. my bottom tube is 17/8" and the seat tube 1 1/4. the stock mounts suck... I took / cut them off, for the lower mount I used exhaust pipe and exhaust clamps and a sheet of thin rubber... for the back mount I used the stock studs with nothing against the motor and I flipped the original base over and used it as a saddle. So now the engine is mounted but there is no room for a carb, I solved this by trimming the intake just before the bend and rotating the intake upside down. this caused a problem, now the carb hits the post that the clutch linkage attaches to. so I removed the stud and filled the hole with silicone. so what to do with the linkage? I took the side off with the clutch lever on it, took it apart and took the arm off the rod and reassembled. I installed the arm as far out as I thought I could deal with. and it just so happened to line right up with the seat post. so I did the dreaded and I drilled a hole through the seat post and fed the clutch cable through the hole. so now the bike runs and goes but there are still some issues to clean up. I got a vacuum leak some where it runs like a pig, as im riding the gas tank likes to rotate around the top pipe, I could only get 8 out of 9 bolts in the rear wheel sprocket ruber thing. brakes is another issue im not sure what other people use, but im thinking disk brakes are a must, has anyone used a heavy sprocket as a rotor yet? anyway I just finished the bike today and wanted to show it off so here it is!!
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