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Default Re: NEW... a journey recounted in paragraphs!

Thank you all for the warm welcome, been a member for a bit, following advice and tips for a bit as well. For those interested, my bike is actually finished. All I'm doing right now is setting up a trailer and a light system for my Sturmey-Archer XL-FDD hub. The bike itself performs like a dream, I live near Longmont and ride 100 miles for fun... maintinence free! I'll be detailing the rest of my build soon, just search "paragraphs"


I originally decided to buy a Grubee 4G T-Belt 4-stroke when I saw it on Bikeberry... sold out! Kingsmotorbikes was the only place I could find that had it in stock, and had a reasonable price too! So basically, I spent $400... I got the kit, that's it right? Wrong, I was hoping this would happen! The rear sprocket didn't fit over the inferior Huffy coaster-brake, thank god. The gas-tank was cheaply painted Black, scratched then touched up with marker before shipping. It was still freshly scratched when it showed up! The wide-pedal conversion kit was a rusty metal rod with bearing-races and threads at the end. The chain-ring was bent, not enough to make it malfunction though. The throttle grip is crap as expected. What is awesome? The engine itself is roughly cast but is passable where it counts. With correct maintinence and break-in, it's a 1-pull start even in the worst Colorado has offered so far. The transmission looks tough and simple, the exact reason I ordered it. The motor mount was heavy-duty, seriously... endoed the bike twice to date and still rock solid. The chain and tensioner were also higher quality than expected, giving me faith in my upcoming HD Drivetrain.

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