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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

First make doubly sure that the wheel bearings are in good condition, well greased and adjusted properly.
I recommend using an old front fork clamped in a vice as a wheel stand or another bike with the same sized wheels resting up-side-down so you can use the fork as a wheel stand.
Spin the wheel and let is come to a stop on it's own. It will come to a stop with the heaviest part down. Add some weight to the spoke nipple at the top of the wheel and repeat the spin and let it stop procedure.
Spin it again to be sure that the wheel stops in the same position to be sure that the wheel is still out of balance.
If it is still out of balance, once again the heaviest part will be down.
Repeat the add weight to the top and spin procedures until the wheel stops randomly.
The wheel will be balanced when it comes to a stop at random positions, not favoring a particular spot a the bottom after each spin.
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