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Default Re: Huffy Cranbrook or Schwinn Jaguar

Went to a local machinist yesterday armed with photos of mounts from your builds, and several others from this site. Also brought pics of Ridley's rubber billet design. Sweet! I am always somewhat awed by people well versed in engineering and machine skills. Seeing a picture in your head, and being able to translate it to come out of your skilled hands is an enviable talent. The guys I visited were genuinely intrigued by what I was building. They were unfamiliar with MBs, but their enthusiasm made me feel like I was on equal ground. Made my day. My Kulana will go to their shop for a fitting soon.
In anticipation of Jaguar winning your poll, I have decided to make it my next build despite the competition from the pricier Schwinns. Where do I sign up for one of your kits on the layaway plan?? Can you ballpark the price?
It also occurs to me that problems are best addressed by going to the root.
These little Chinese vibrators are no exception. The root is the crank. Have you or collegues ever attempted machining and balancing this offending part?
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