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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Cruise View Post
Nice to have those old project leftovers laying around.
Watch the ally doesn't get all galvanic and chew up the ?steel stand-bracket and spring. Grease should help.
Yeah, I've got enough old stuff to last my lifetime. Not a crazy, hoarder amount, but about 6 complete bikes worth. Gonna have 2 motored bikes so I can stay lazy while one is getting worked on. I have a super-clean no-motor bike. A beater no-motor for exploring wilderness. And a couple more for spare parts.

Aluminum and steel together can be a problem. I just finally got a frozen Al gooseneck (stem) out of the forks from an old curbside find. After I fix up a bike, it won't be a problem because I'm fanatical about cleaning them. They're garaged in the riding season and kept in the basement in winter. I'll still take precautions to make sure the aluminum reactivity doesn't cause a problem.
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