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Originally Posted by Nevada View Post
Thanks Jonny and Tom. I do live at elevation though. Around 5000 asl. Would that make a difference in the clip position?
I'm at 6000' MSL (mean sea level). I lean my carburetors by soldering and redrilling the jets. I've never seen any consistency in aftermarket jets sizes. They seem to be nebulous at best. I don't know what their numbers mean, and they usually don't tell you.

I use a set of small orifice drills and depending on the engine, they'er all a little different, drill my soldered jets out to .026 down to even a .024. These small openings might be too lean for most elevations so be advised to start a little bigger.

I like to experiment by soldering up a stock jet and drilling it out to the small, .024 size and testing the engine. Most will require a size, maybe two drill sizes bigger to get the best performance. I also leave the 'C' clip on the needle at the second from the top in the NT carbs. That seems to be perfect for idle to 3/4 throttle. Anything above 3/4 throttle and the needle position has nothing to do with fuel flow. It is determined solely by jet size from 3/4 to WOT.

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