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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Don't use, they sell parts that don't even work with standered motorbikes, I had to pay to send the non-functioning part back because they didn't send a return sticker, they then told me I have to pay so they can put it back on the shelve, and for 3 months still havnt seen my return. No one is responding to my e-mails and no one can help on the phone. Horrible company, wouldn't recommend the company. Poor poor service, to no service at all... Allot of d.I.y. projects, awesome.

Things I've changed:

The gas tank, full gallon
Changed front end fork to front end Springer
Replaced muffler, because it dirtys one shoe with a long pipe muffler a.k.a. poo poo pipe
flipped ans slammed handle bars for a boardtrack bike vibe
Just a few things I could think of that Ive changed
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