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Default Re: Regular v premium

I live in central Texas, my engine are above stock compression and have port work along with well tuned carbs and fre flowing exhaust, I run 87 octane pump gas and 100:1 Opti2 oil mix, all engines run great, dont over heat and I dont putt around because I live several miles from nearest town and ride 30+mph for many miles at a time, the high octane fuel being needed in the china girl when the compression is fairly high has not been needed for mine and I have no signs of detonation and all mine run great on the 87 octane, we have multiple summer months of 80%+ humidity and triple digit temps and almost all our gasoline around here has 10% or less ethanol, all my engines run great and no failures since 2009-early 2010 since I switched to running Opti2 oil @ 80-100:1 mix.

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