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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Thanks for the input, CTripps.

It's good to grab those images when you see something interesting. That design looks a lot like something I was discussing here five years ago with a member NEAT TIMES. Some company selling bikes they called Zipcycle. Here's the thread:

Pics of Zipcycle:

I don't know the proper way to include links to pics. Gimme a break; I've only been here for seven years or so.


Using wood is an idea I thought of. But I would do the whole bike frame in wood, too. I've seen bamboo used in bike frames. I have a bunch of Osage Orange I've collected. There's a lot of it around here - farmer fields are often surrounded by it. It's super strong and flexible. Native Americans made archery bows from it. Beautiful color. Really heavy, though.

Maybe that's a new thread we can start. Wooden bikes and parts. (unless it already exists)
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