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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Originally Posted by hotshots22 View Post
My Tip: Removing the Coaster Brake

Yesterday I removed the coaster as it been a problem from the start. First couldn't get around the new 44t gear.. 2nd couldn't make a bracket to hold the new bent arm.. 3rd Make bracket and it broke when riding 3 times getting home..
4th Removing the whole coaster brake pads from the hub and adding 3 washers.. 5th find out that now it free wheels nice but it takes 2 cycles to get the gear to engage..


Ended up taking everyones idea and did the washers and spring action. Ill attached a photo of what it looks like and so far tonight it works.

What I did is build from the axle the cone > bearing > 2 washers > Spring from coaster clutch > 2 more washers > then the clutch > and the rest of the build leaving the same.

How it runs:

It engages right off the bat ! Quickly every time no soft spot.. problem back peddling is not really there.. 1 or 2 back pedals and everything gets tight and you can feel the spring..

Not sure how long this will hold up but its very tight and hopefully will be my trick..

When I look at that hub all i see is PAIN .. I wouldn't trust that over 5 mph
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