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Default Re: Stolen and returned in 1hour

Tennis Racket is very good also I'm told,
less assuming,
Has a sharp edge, and a blunt one (if you don't want to break bones).
My Boss was ready and willing to sort this out, I talked him out of it.
Then he say's he's already got multiple charges, next one he will be going to jail.
Can't help but think our 'nice' local police sergeant was giving us 'enough rope'!
I even told the cop the other day that I had saved this kid a savage beating,
But I don't think the one we have identified was the one that attacked me, but he did pick up a broom and start shoving me back in my front door when I started swinging a Jimmy bar at the other feller who after beating me senseless chased me back to the house.
Problem that I see is "Ice" (Meth). These boys were likely smoking Ice, waiting for the creek infront of my house to go down. It's a big problem accentuated by the fact that so many guys get drug tested for work these days, and if you smoke pot you can't go back to work for a month, but Ice is out of your system in a day or two. So Friday night they can get as high as they want, as long as they don't smoke pot. Never met a violent pot smoker.

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