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Just wanted to give an update, I changed out the spark plug and drained the fuel, mixed some new and it took a few minutes for the new fuel to work through but I was off and riding in under 10 mins. I was able to get up to 25 in the neighborhood, I still want to get some more practice with the bike before I go out too far or take it on any main roads. The bike idled perfectly and didn't die once while I was testing it out.

I did have a set back though. When I started out I had noticed the cable coming from the cdi to connect to the spark plug was cracked and showed the wire but I figured as long as I order a replacement today it would be fine till I got one. Well the screws anchoring the front of the engine weren't as tight as I thought and worked themself off and the front of the engine was tilted to the left before I realized and ended up ripping the wiring right out of the box.

So I order a replacement cdi and a new magneto just so I would have it on hand. I'm going to check the seal behind the magnet since I have been getting a fuel leak from the screws used to hold the magneto in place.

Other than the minor set back all the bike needed was a new spark plug and some new fuel mixed up.

Thank you to those who did give suggestions.
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