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Default Re: is this normal?

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
I sell the GEN V motors but here's a little caution about believing what you read on the internet.
I made the GEN V name up as in pulled it out of thin air, I mean I can call my motors anything I want right?
Just like other vendors do.

My "Gen V" motors come from the very same factory in China as the ones you get from Dax.

However my bottom ends like the one you bought come in a plastic bag from the factory with grade 8 allen heads, holes drilled in the so called 'balanced" crank, 40 mm stroke and oiling holes in the connecting rod, etc, etc.

Buy one of mine and one from Dax and compare them and my hunch is that they will be identical.

This kind of honesty is the single biggest reason I did not buy a Dax. The fact that the price is slightly better was simply a bonus. I have been extremely satisfied with my engine and would buy another in a second.
Dax claims things that simply are not true.
"Made in America" my ass.
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