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Default Re: Stolen and returned in 1hour

Originally Posted by Jumpa View Post
when I park my bike i pop off the plug cap and shut off the gas EVERY TIME I get off her. If I can see the bike I wont lock it if I cant I always lock it I use a chain and a harley hadlebar lock and hand cuffs as well . Most of the folks who know me know unless then can out run 1400fps they better not bother
I do similar I shut off the fuel and lift the choke to full and try to lock the bike up where there are security cameras , I looked online and you can get a nifty little alarm that tones @ 120 db it's remote to 800 m as well so not only does the bike alarm go off but the remote does too so you know when someone is fooling with the bike and you can run and check it out .

I have the distinct feeling these guys had watched me for a few weeks and took the opportunity when they saw it as I visit the store on a regular basis usually at the same time , there are always daily thefts of number plates from the car park too ( used for ram raids )that upon speaking with security have seemed to completely stopped since these idiots were arrested so obviously these idiots are making a living out of other peoples misery .

I spoke to an officer yesterday who has stated they are being charged with the theft of a motor vehicle and can face up to two years in jail for it , and they have no need to involve me as they have outstanding charges already and this event goes towards their convictions , hopefully the judge throws the book at them

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