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Default Re: what are you waiting for in the mail ?

Originally Posted by truckd View Post
Wow! RR. I'm jealous! that's a lot of wood and Danschutz remember
" A Cheap Bike Ain't Good! and A Good Bike Ain't Cheap!" I just got through doing a Modern Restoration using period NOS Wald components on a 1947 JC Higgins and I think I'll name the bike Patience.
Couldn't agree with you more. My thinking on that first build was am I even going to like this? Well I do lol so quality parts are high on the list. Years ago I would get into some hobby (I have many lol) and upgrade slowly then upgrade those parts, now days I try and skip the intermediate stuff and in the long run it saves you money and space.

My plan is to have one really well built motored bike, one standard motored bike and two electrics and keep a couple human powered bikes around. Will this change? maybe but Id be out of space to house them.

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