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Default Possible Honey Hole (1950-60 Schwinns)

I sold a customer a sea foam green item a while back and she came back in to the store to tell me she loved the color so much she bought a sea foam green bike lol. So of course the subject turned to bikes and she tells me she has a bunch of her grandpas old Schwinns and she wants to sell a couple of them. I inquired about bikes with tanks and she said they have them and some have horns built into the tanks although probably not in working condition. She mentioned that all the bikes need work, chains, tires stuff like that but Im pretty excited that I may have a chance to get an old tanked Schwinn.

Knowing her once the weather clears up she will probably bring a couple to the shop so I can check them out. Im guessing from what she told me they probably have 20 vintage bikes and her husband has been on her to get rid of some so he can park his truck in the shop. Anyways, fingers crossed......

(btw, this story may have a terrible ending if my wife kills me for bringing another bike home)
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