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Default Re: is this normal?

4th Gen not 5 At the same place I believe you bought yours here
"Dax must have to balance the lowers he "I was told" installs longer connecting rods and also drills holes in the conn you can see in battles photo & his looks the same as mine Ive not seen these holes in any other connecting rod either & Ive seen a few So I'm guessing a balance must be in order after that .

Battle your going to need a piston that has the 10 mm piston hole a few mm's lower than the normal ones .If you try to use a normal piston it will bottom out on the crank. Make sure you test it a few rounds before buttoning it all up.

Dax also uses better bolts a grade or 2 better than stock & mostly all allen heads. Hands down they are better cranks more dependable and longer lasting at pretty much the same price. the 2 smoothest & most powerful running motors I've had , have both had Dax lowers on them out of about 11 motors all together. So take from that what you will

Just remember the piston Battle I believe you need the flying horse or the Skyhawk piston as these two motors have the longer connecting rods
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