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Default Re: Stolen and returned in 1hour

I do consider myself very lucky indeed and will be taking a more active approach to securing my bike , one of the officers stated to me my bike is well known in the area so it was fairly easy to track down which assures me a lot ,he did however point out to me the serial number of my bike and stated for any future occurrences I'm best to record this number ,that way they can positively identify my bike , I used to do this with my downhill slalom MTB's but to be honest it never really dawned on me some idiot would try to steal this cruizer being the only one for many miles in my area.
I have recorded the serial number and taken photos of the bike for future reference but am at a loss as to what security measures I could take in future ( where's that old 240v extension lead --- insert evil laugh --- ) I suppose that any good lock is not as good as the lock picker ........
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