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Default Re: Stolen and returned in 1hour

The bike lock used was a generic motorbike lock by masterlock , the thing cost me $30 and I'm guessing it was definitely picked by some well trained mongrels , the downside was I never had the opportunity to see the guys in full detail ,being it was night and they were in a paddy wagon ( panel van style cop car) but they saw me for sure , just worries me a tad now because they know the store that I frequent so it's a somewhat lose lose situation .
Yeah the mongrels will be charged but what happens later down the track if they see me at the store , I'm not a big fella and although did boxing for many years as we get older we lose the athletesism we once had I mean don't get me wrong I can look after myself but here in Melbourne where there is one or two there's usually another ten @ the corner.
it's upon reflection of the incident that's hitting me now , last night I was rushing on adrenaline

But I'm still charging these idiots , they deserve what's coming

Regards Henshooter
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