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Default New spanish guy here!

Hey everybody, I am new in this forum, and first of all, I am deeply surprised and glad that there is so many other people sharing interest and info on a subject like this.

I come from Spain, and i would be really interested in making my own motor-bicycle, as this field isn't as spread here as in other countries in north and south america.

I have already thought about several fields that i have to take into account, and the main doubt i have now is :

do you have any information about where the best engine supliers are located in order to make a shipping to spain?

I will keep on searching for some info about taxes,customs,etc...but if any of you have an answer to my question i will aprecciate a lot...

Thank you very much, i hope to share my experience with all of you in this project, and help as far as my knowledge in motor bicycles goes!

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