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Default Stolen and returned in 1hour

Hey guys
Well I just got the shock of my life , I went down to my local shops to get a bottle of cool drink ( soda pop ) on the cruizer , lock her up and walk in , I come out and the bike lock is on the ground and THERES NO BIKE , I scream every profanity under the sun , she has been stolen , luckily I am friends with the store security guard so I run to him and he calls the local PO , I'm totally pissed by now but the girls in the shop bring me a drink and calm me down , sit at the shops for an hour waiting for the cops to show up when I get a call from the cops ,they have my bike roughly 1.5 km away and have arrested two youths for theft of a motor vehicle , and have my bike at the scene , an officer comes and picks me up takes me to the scene and there she is , apparently they had walked the bike for over a km because they couldn't start it ,damn lucky I pull the choke on full when I park up hey ,can't start her with the choke on . I have a full motorbike lock but they somehow managed to pick it as the lock was in tact

Thank god I got her back as she's my only build ATM and rest assured I will be pressing charges to the full extent of the law ,oh and the bike lock is going in the bin ,time to buy an expensive one

And such is my frightful but exciting tale for the evening

Regards Henshooter. haha thief you deserved it
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