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Originally Posted by Wolfy View Post
Is that the part up at the handle bar? I'm not quite sure what adjustments to the throttle would do, would you care to explain? I'm just curious as to how that changes the throttle?

I wasn't able to get a new spark plug due to the shop not having them on hand like they thought so hopefully tomorrow will be better. I'll keep you guys updated.

How is the engine beat up? I thought a 40:1 ratio was good?
Also, on a side note I had thought about buying from you I found your site months ago but everything was priced too high for me. I got this bike at a reasonable price so I'm really trying not to have to invest in a whole new engine.
Yeah, there should be a nut on the throttle that you can use to adjust the tension like a cable actuated bike brakes. You could adjust it so that it's reving at a reasonable RPM during idles. But then that would be more or less be the same thing as the idle screw on the carburetor.

As for the oil/gas mix ratio, it really depends on how the carburetor is tuned. If it's anything like NT Carb that I had, once you crack it open, there should be like a needle looking thing that you can adjust(I forgot which height is for lower oil mixatures, it's been a long time since I sold all of my bikes). Then you check your sparkplug for colors. So if you were using 40:1 mixature when the carb was tuned to take higher oil mixature, then your engine might have gotten beat up.

Also, try and see if you can get a spark plug remover (it's an octagon looking thingy) and remove the plug and replace it with another one.

Also, you could try phoenix motored bikes. He does good repairs maybe he can take a look at it. I can't find the website anymore, it seems like it's down. But here's his number (480) 639-5402
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