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Originally Posted by Wolfy View Post
Is that the part up at the handle bar? I'm not quite sure what adjustments to the throttle would do, would you care to explain? I'm just curious as to how that changes the throttle?
Throttle cable can cause the idle being too high but not too low, the set screw on the carb itself sets the idle.
I wasn't able to get a new spark plug due to the shop not having them on hand like they thought so hopefully tomorrow will be better. I'll keep you guys updated.

How is the engine beat up? I thought a 40:1 ratio was good?
Also, on a side note I had thought about buying from you I found your site months ago but everything was priced too high for me. I got this bike at a reasonable price so I'm really trying not to have to invest in a whole new engine.
(sigh) You bought an motorized bicycle that wouldn't even idle when you bough it and running 40-45:1 gas: oil mix?
Unless you are mixing like 50:1 Amsoil synthetic oil, 25:1 break in and then 32:1 if you don't want your bearings and other internal parts that need lubricating toasted.

I do feel for a fellow Zonie's misfortune buying bottom dollar junk and in here now trying to find cheap fixes for it but the bottom line is you just didn't buy quality to start with and will keep spending past my 'too expensive' price for it to start with and still have crap is what it sounds like to me and why I suggested you just cut your losses now.
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