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Default Re: Project plans (Unnamed)

QUOTE: Four stroke conversion (depends on if I can find an engine that doesn't look like a lawnmower + has a standard clutch)

Hand built transmission (might not happen with a trike)

High performance custom made expansion chamber (still researching acoustics, which I have a basic knowledge of.)

If I really can't patch things up I will be:

Rolling my own coil
Making my own CDI (solid state programmotorized bicyclele probably with profiles you can upload/download to my website)
High compression dual or triple ignition head (might make this by hand)
Rebuilt bottom end
Forged pistons
Forged exhaust (don't ask...)
A ton of other things that I am still researching.

ummm... never really heard of anyone using an expansion chamber on a 4 stroke, im pretty sure its a useless mod.
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