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Originally Posted by Wolfy View Post
I've been having a problem with getting the bike to start and stay on before it dies, so far I don't believe it has even idled.

I installed a wireless odometer to check the speed and it seems if I go any lower than 14 mph the engine will die. I've still got the old fuel in the tank but it's a 40 or 45:1 ratio,
I do intend to drain the tank and put in a new batch to see if that helps at all.
I am local but don't care to work on it for you, I have more new high end new build work to do than we can handle so I will just advice this...

The engine was beat to **** and ruined by a lack of lubricant in the fuel.
A new good engine is like $120 and you can just replace it in the same mounts and cut your losses now.
If anyone would like to take a crack at my problems please let me know or if you are in AZ and can help me with it or know a good place to take it to that would be great too.
The LAST thing want to deal with is a build repair like this but go ahead and use my Contact form my web site linked in my sig and I wouldn't charge you anything to take a quick look at it if you bring it by.
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