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Default Project plans (Unnamed)

First off, sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I may have just lost my girlfriend, which is crushing....I don't have the money to build another insane computer so I am going to build an insane bike.

Planning something along these lines.
Trike conversion (example *might hand make*)

Four stroke conversion (depends on if I can find an engine that doesn't look like a lawnmower + has a standard clutch)

Hand built transmission (might not happen with a trike)

High performance custom made expansion chamber (still researching acoustics, which I have a basic knowledge of.)

If I really can't patch things up I will be:

Rolling my own coil
Making my own CDI (solid state programmotorized bicyclele probably with profiles you can upload/download to my website)
High compression dual or triple ignition head (might make this by hand)
Rebuilt bottom end
Forged pistons
Forged exhaust (don't ask...)
A ton of other things that I am still researching.

I also plan on it being stupidly fast but able to be cruised normally.

Details will be added and changed as I decide on how I will build this. This will (granted I actually start this) also host the pictures and build logs.

Target speed 50+
Insane speed 70+

Actual goal: Give a two stroke the ability to start off the line without pedals, and make it a simple mod. The rest is optional.

Edit 2
For some reason when I type "program"able it changes it to two different words.


Project name: Blue Meanie (Beatles reference)

Parts list so far
Torker II (Arrow)
Chain Tensioner - Left Side (Sick bike parts)
Portland Design Works Danger Zone Tail Light (Amazon)
SecurityIng® 4 Modes Waterproof 2800 Lumens Cree XM-L U2 LED Bicycle Light (Amazon)
3/8th 24TPI nut (Ebay) *Update tractor supply has these for 99 cents and they are nylock
Maybe a helmet (Thanks mom :P) freebie.
....Due to JNM being out of stock the jaguar is not on this list Q.Q
I think I got everything on the list.

Total (thus far on this list) 262.24
Update managed to save some money 258.57$
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