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I grew up in in the 50's in an area where jobs for kids were pretty much non existent if you were under 14. Child labor laws...
Anyway, for money I'd pick up bottles and return them for a penny a piece, collect what ever scrap metal I could find & sell it for $0.015 a lb., picked & sold black berries for $0.25 a quart in season, just a few examples of what I'd do to make some money...
Today with the Ca. bottle return it doesn't take many to make a buck. Aluminum cans are good a cash crop. Think outside the box & come up with something others won't demean themselves to do. You might get paid well to do it.
If nothing else, just go door to door, tell the people where you live who you are and that you're trying to make some money. Do they have any little jobs they need done? If they do, don't say you'll do it for X $'s, let them offer to pay you and accept it unless the offer is totally ridiculous, then haggle a bit.
It's worked for me plenty of times & I still get calls from folks younger & older than me when they need something done. Helps supplement my Social Security since my retirement account ended up in some Wall Street SOB's pocket.
Don't think I'm being critical of you, I'm not. I grew up moderately poor, so beyond the basic's that my folks could provide I had to get extra's for myself.
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