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Talking Re: Any Welders For Hire in L.A.? It's Almost Time.

It's back on like DONKEY KONG now!

I just scored two massive 40mm Grenade cans. 1 ammo can by itself is large enough to hold 12 Turnigy Nano Techs. 12 x 10S 72V 30Ah in one 40mm can. If they spontaneously detonate, it could be quite the light show going down the street. Especially at night.

The weight of my bike, when all is said and done, with 4.3kWh, 60Ah, 10S24P of Turnigy Nano Techs would be just over 200 lbs. With me on it, the total weight would be 400 lbs. The pedals will become nothing more than foot rests at that point. LMAO

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