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I was able to remove the fuel tank with lots of effort, it helps to be stubborn. And with that removed I could get to the spark plug and remove it. I'm pretty sure it needs to be replaced. When I pulled it out it had what looked like oil on it since there was no tint of blue to it. So I will be getting a new spark plug tomorrow as well as new fuel.

I did take some photos of the inside of the Mag casing.

I also finally figured out how the positions of the fuel valves are supposed to be since I ended up taking the whole thing off and draining it.

I'm not really sure how to adjust the way the carb is sitting. The way the original owner positioned the engine makes everything off and I don't see much of a way I can fix it.
As for the Mag rotor being 'pulled' I may have to look that up and if the new spark plug and fuel don't make things better will have to check on it.
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